Art direction

Vita mothly

Magazine redesign 

In April 2016 Vita launched a new magazine with fresh content and design. While the magazine has maintained its historical profile as third sector magazine, different sections have been introduced, in order to reach more readers and explore new fields. Indeed, the magazine is conceived as a monthly book developing on one big topic (in this case the mountain story).  This is why the magazine is called bookazine, which comprising the words “book” and “magazine”.

The re-design work started in mid-2015 and was entirely developed in Vita’s newsroom, under my art direction. I have chosen the July 2016 issue as a case history because I think it is the one we have better designed under many aspects, from cover design to colorful illustrated backgrounds and teaser promotion campaign.

Let’s start the short visual résumé to show our design process.

The new content organization



Type specimen (Commercial Type)

Cover proposal (art by Studio Fludd)




Forward section

Book story section

Ilustrated story (art by Chiara Dattola)

Rewind section

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